Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weather like in July on Kangaroo Island?
July is Winter on KI. The temperatures range between 6-16 Celsius (40-60 Fahrenheit). We have sunny days and rainy days. The winds can be strong or sometimes it is perfect beach walking conditions. The weather can change quickly…if it is raining in the morning, it can be sunny and beautiful by lunch.

Can weather cause issues with the ferry and flight services?
Yes. The weather can cause disruptions to the ferry and flight services on Kangaroo Island. If you are booked on a ferry, Sealink will contact your personally if your sailing time needs to change due to weather. Rex airlines will be in contact if your flights need to change. We do recommend purchasing the additional travel insurance when you buy your tickets from Sealink or Rex as this will assist in the case of cancellations.

What type of clothing should I pack?
Bring comfortable clothes and walking shoes. We definitely recommend a rain coat with a hood. Bring a beanie for your head. Kangaroo Island is a very casual place- so make sure you are comfortable. Sometimes it is best to wear layers so you can adjust to the changing weather conditions throughout the day.

What medical facilities are available on KI?
The local hospital is in Kingscote. It has 24 hour emergency services and immediate access to the Royal Flying Doctor Service for urgent transfers to Adelaide. There is a Medical Clinic in Kingscote with many doctors. There is a large pharmacy in Kingscote and a small pharmacy in Penneshaw. There is also a St John’s Ambulance Service that services the whole of Kangaroo Island.

Can I see Kangaroo Island without a car?
If you want to do some “self-touring” of the island, you will definitely need a car.  Kangaroo Island is a very large island. There are limited cars for hire on KI, therefore, you should make arrangements early. You can also hire a car on the mainland and bring it across on the ferry with you. If you don’t want to hire a car, there are many good tour options available via Sealink or other private tour operators on KI.

Will my mobile phone work on Kangaroo Island?
Telstra and Optus have the best signal on Kangaroo Island. The towns and communities on the island typically have good mobile reception. However, there are many rural areas that you will have little to no reception. If you are travelling from overseas and want to get an Australian SIM card…we recommend Telstra.

Is there WIFI available?
Kangaroo Island has limited internet. However, there are many spots in Kingscote that offer free WIFI. The local businesses, hotels, library, visitor centre, etc. You will not find WIFI hotspots outside of the towns.