Small island communities: models for global survival

#1 Empowering communities for peace and productivity
Governance, Politics, Business, Society

  • Networking and interdependence
  • Participation and productivity
  • Pathways to effective leadership
  • Branding and identity

#2 Preparing people for the world of to-morrow
Life-long Learning for All

  • Seamless approaches to education delivery across the life-span (birth to death)
  • Preparing young learners to live locally yet act globally
  • Education for sustainable development
  • Vocational training for meaningful living

#3 Nurturing the human spirit
Culture, Arts, History, Religion, Recreation

  • Creativity and the human spirit
  • Nurturing the deep values of local culture(s)
  • Spirituality and well-being
  • Intergenerational support

#4 Protecting nature and feeding the world
Ecology, Farming, Fishing, Environment, Eco-Tourism

  • Sustainable lifestyles and business practices
  • Economic responsibility
  • Effective resource management
  • Renewable energy
  • Sharing sustainable solutions with visitors

#5 Developing solutions for self-sufficiency
Technology, Innovation, Science, Wellbeing

  • Surviving and thriving on fewer resources
  • Innovative approaches to sustainable living
  • Living long, healthy and productive lives
  • Alternative technology for self-sufficiency